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Remote EDI/SAP consultant

  • Location: , NY
  • Start Date: 1/19/2023
  • Job ID: 23-00034
  • Posting Date: 1/19/2023
  • Job Type: Contract
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We are looking for a consultant who has EDI experience and is knowledgeable of other S4 modules such as O2C, P2P, Finance etc. In short we are looking for a Techno Functional person who can support and work on EDI and can help on other areas/ S4 projects as and when needed.
  • Design all EDI map documents and prepare all tests data and manage all communication with trading partners and assist to produce all operational documents for all end users
  • Manage all communication with suppliers and perform all EDI tests for suppliers and coordinate with IT developers and design all new EDI documents.
  • Coordinate with trading partners to maintain effective EDI relationships and provide support to all internal departments and vendors.
  • Prepare plans and manage EDI customer implementation to meet to EDI requirements and manage implementation for same.
  • Administer all receiving and sending of all EDI documents and perform troubleshoot on all processes to resolve all content issues and map problems.
  • Coordinate with Third Party EDI party and new Trading Partners to set up new processes and provide optimal level of customer services.
  • Manage all service calls and provide technological support to resolve all issues and maintain all processes to manage all inbound and outbound data.
  • Perform troubleshoot and repair all momentum scripts on everyday basis and evaluate all automate improvement processes and assist to internal and external technical staff in data transfer processes.
  • Collaborate with all source and electronic data and assist to process all cycle data and monitor everyday production transmissions and assist in electronic data transfer within required timeframe.
  • Provide technical support to all EDI application and monitor all inquiries for enrollment and payments.
  • Analyze all EDI transaction and prepare required documents and reports and coordinate with service providers, application teams for all clients.
  • Collaborate with trading partners and perform tests on all EDI transmissions and maintain all documents for trading partner set ups and analyze all customer requirements for processes.
EDI Messages: 850, 860, 856, 810, 315, 214, 104, 943, 944, 947
Posted by Andy Oliver
Technical Recruiting Director
(800) 821-4644 x 9223