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Technical Project Manager

  • Location: Carson, CA
  • Start Date: 6/21/2022
  • Job ID: 22-00424
  • Posting Date: 6/21/2022
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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Job Description

We are looking for rock stars to join our IT Infrastructure team. We are seeking a dedicated Technical Project Manager to be a point person in our IT department. The Technical PM will oversee a wide variety of projects from conceptual design through implementation. The ideal candidate will build project plans and timelines that account for contingencies before they arise—and will be able to guide our clients, teammates and vendors to successful project completion. In this role, the Technology PM will be responsible for project health, which includes scope, budget, change control and timeline. The Technical PM should have strong leadership, organizational, communication and problem-solving skills, along with a passion for seeing initiatives through to completion.

A day on the job looks like this:

  • Managing projects with top-down oversight throughout execution to ensure adherence to scope, budget and timeline.
  • Overseeing internal staffing, vendors and contractual deliverables
  • Merging customer requirements with company goals and coordinating various managers and technical personnel during all project phases
  • Making detailed reports on measurable items, such as milestones and deliverables; generating periodic status reports for associates, customers and stakeholders
  • Communicating proactively with all involved personnel to provide encouragement, identify problems, create solutions and implement efficiency improvements
  • Overseeing acquisition of resources and materials before and during projects by talking with customers, team members and managers
  • Analyzing economics of project plans and providing actionable feedback relating to cost-benefit and return-on-investment standards
  • Reviewing proposed modifications on project plans, including meeting with interested parties to approve and implement beneficial changes
  • Incorporating quality measures and standards to project deliverables
  • Acting as a bridge between stakeholders and development teams to remove roadblocks, resolve conflicts and decide actions


5+ years of technically oriented project management experience

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems or related field
  • Professional Project Management Certification from accredited institution preferred
  • Extensive experience in managing infrastructure projects
  • Demonstrated understanding of project management processes, strategies and methods
  • Experience mentoring, coaching and developing rising talent in a technology department
  • In-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Ability to multitask and work under deadlines
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Great accuracy and attention to detail
Posted by Colin Reid