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Quality Engineer

  • Location: Blauvelt, NY
  • Start Date: 10/25/2019
  • Job ID: 19-00649
  • Posting Date: 10/25/2019
  • Job Type:
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Job description


  • Evaluate manufacturing technological capability to meet required design, quality, and material specifications. Be the leader in process development and capability including audits by identifying and developing a measurement process for approving.
  • Participates in CPI and warranty cost recovery related to quality.
  • Support Manufacturing to improve cost, quality, and throughput.
  • Develop tactical cell level and plant level metrics for operations
  • Perform quality audits on finished units and work in process.
  • Maintain logs and records in accordance with Quality System requirements.
  • Process Non-Conforming Product (NCP) Reports on company computer system.
  • Perform visual and mechanical inspections on parts and work in process for compliance to ASME & UL requirements
  • Participate in Material Review Boards for the disposition of non-conforming products.
  • As a member of the Quality Team, maintain the Quality System Plan and Production System
  • Maintain 5S in assigned areas.
  • Support Quality Team with back-up assignments as required.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.
  • Monitor and perform tasks according to the calibration procedure.
  • Perform visual and mechanical inspections on parts and work in process for compliance to ASME & UL requirements
  • Revise the TQCs on Travelers to reflect quality problems found in production or the field.
  • Maintain an adequate supply of Traveler forms on the floor for production workers; train production workers to properly and accurately use Travelers.
  • Process Non Conforming Product (NCP) Reports on company computer system; actively participate in the review and disposition of non-conforming materials.
  • Evaluate our product, (assemblies and components) for additional TQCs that are required to elevate our quality and insure reliability.
  • Evaluate our process for quality and productivity improvements and implement necessary changes.
  • Provide backup coverage for our Senior Quality Technician on ASME issues.
  • Prepare a weekly report to illustrate all audits conducted and appropriate corrective action defined


  • Requires a minimum BSME or BSIE and 5-10 years related experience.
  • Must be highly skilled with Project Management.
  • ASME experience preferred.
  • Ability to drive world class quality strategies and processes
  • Exceptional communication, team and process skills
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and a team player
Posted by Paul Levesque
Technical Resource Manager
(800) 821-4644 x 9215