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Remote Manager, Corporate Financial Systems, Business Services

  • Location: , NY
  • Start Date: 5/12/2022
  • Job ID: 22-00340
  • Posting Date: 5/12/2022
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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This position will manage the administration activities on the Global Financial systems for client. This system allows us to aggregate our global financial results from 100 locations around the globe in 32 unique currencies into one centralized chart of account and global repository of data for reporting, public filing, and key decision making across the business and finance community for the company. This position manages administration of the application and works with key business leads to gather business requirements for architectural design and setup to optimize and improve reporting and close submission and or maintain reporting requirement to meet consolidated results.

This position manages administration and support of the company's global Oracle Hyperion business intelligence suite (HFM/Essbase/FDMEE/Workspace/SmartView) used in the consolidation and reporting of financial and statistical results of the Company.


  • This role will manage the end-to-end metadata change management request and implementation process Interact with user community to understand metadata change requests and mange or administer application metadata updates monthly in EPMA of members and HFM properties to support attributes. Oversee the monthly change management process from inception to completion, including collection of change management requests, collection of all necessary documentation and approvals, and communication notifying user community of implemented changes.
  • Guide the management of the BRD process from inception to completion, including collaboration with members of the team and the business to gather and document requirements, understand the impact of and potential obstacles to design options, manage expectations and business relationships, define testing strategy, and manage timing of roll-out
  • Review the BRD reporting pipeline for various audiences and business needs and evaluate prioritization of workload
  • Manage and execute development, testing and implementation of application enhancements including change to HFM rules and scripting.
  • Facilitate the administration of Oracle Hyperion suite of products
  • Be skilled in understanding the HFM/Essbase/FDMEE processes and data workflow in order to be relevant in decision making and in providing guidance and instruction to the team and user community
  • Answer questions and provide guidance to the business relative to data management, reporting cycles and various other system-related subject matters
  • Guide the management of 3rd party vendor(s) interaction relative to BRD workload and/or inquiries
  • Management of information requests to meet Internal and External Audit needs
  • Management of SOX documentation collection process for change management activities
  • Participate in meetings regarding new acquisitions and legal integrations for the purpose of providing recommendations on system architecture design and system onboarding activities and timing
  • Manage and coordinate HFM system onboarding activities of newly acquired entities in conjunction with the business finance leads.
  • Participate in meetings regarding changes in legal structure (acquisitions, integrations, dissolutions, etc.) for the purpose of providing recommendations on hierarchical reporting design
  • Manage the team through the planning of multiple deliverables through our multiple system environments (DEV, QA and PROD) in order to meet multiple and concurrent business needs
  • Review testing evidence regarding implementation of significant system enhancement requests, as well, as review staff activities to determine Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Guide the management and performance of the routine system data integrity check review processes
  • Aid in the facilitation of the global financial close consolidation process, working with External Reporting, financial business leaders, and Corporate Financial Analysis team to bring monthly and quarterly financial close process to its completion
  • Work with Financial System team management in determining course of action on matters of urgency regarding system/ data error or failure
  • Aid Financial Systems management in strategizing short-term and long-term objectives for system enhancements and upgrades, as well as leading the team through system optimization analysis efforts to identify and implement efficiency measures
  • Participate in special projects and performs other duties as required


Typically manage a moderately complex section of a department, a small department, large process, or multiple smaller processes. Make recommendations for executing on plans in accordance with the policies and directives of senior management. Accountable for meeting the operating objectives of the department. Provide guidance to staff within the latitude of established company policies. Determine how to use resources to meet schedules and goals. Assure adherence to and manage approved budgets. May play a role in high-level projects that have an impact on the sub-function's future direction.


Work on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires in-depth evaluation of a variety of factors, including an understanding of current business trends. Act as advisor to subordinate(s) to meet schedules and/or resolve problems. Full knowledge of multiple areas within sub-function derived from experience in non-management roles. Focus on executing goals in an accurate and timely manner.


Implement strategy to further the sub-function's larger goals through the work of professional staff. Recommend changes to policies and establish procedures that affect the sub-function.


Manage work and goals of professional level staff performing non-routine work or who manage a process or system. May have subordinate supervisors.


Interact with senior management and/or customers, normally involving matters between functional areas and/or other company divisions or units. Often must lead a collaborative effort among members of a project team.


Typically, can hire, terminate, or promote; another level of approval may be required. Makes decisions on salary increases, performance reviews, disciplinary actions, etc.


Typically, 10 or more years of increasing responsibility and complexity in terms of any applicable professional experience; 1 or more years of management experience.


Typically, a bachelor's degree or global equivalent in related discipline. Master's degree or global equivalent a plus.


  • Strong management and leadership skills and ability to attract, retain, motivate, develop, and mentor team members for high performance
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and ability to resolve disputes effectively
  • Excellent presentation and public speaking skills
  • Excellent independent decision making, analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Understand and act on financial information that contributes to business profitability
  • Ability to plan and manage successful projects; understand available resources, develop timeline, budget, assign tasks and areas of responsibility
  • Lead team(s) to achieve company goals in creative and effective ways
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills and techniques
  • Communicate effectively with senior management
  • Good negotiating skills and ability to effectively manage outsourced relationships
  • Ability to influence, build relationships, understand organizational complexities, and manage conflict
  • Broad professional and managerial skills with a good understanding of industry practices and company policies and procedures
  • Ability to lead virtual teams


  • Thorough experience in financial close reporting processes and transactions (internal management reports and metrics, understanding of restated financial presentations, intercompany reporting, statistical information, changes to legal entity reporting, etc.) to be relevant in decision making regarding system impact, availability and risks relative to the financial close process
  • Strong finance and accounting experience to facilitate acquisition system onboarding and Trial Balance G/L mapping to HFM with ability to understand and evaluate output and provide recommendation of changes as necessary
  • Good ability to guide people in day-to-day activities and execute to plan, navigation obstacles, inorder to achieve department objectives, as well as, aid team member career and skillset development
  • Notable communication skills to explain technical subject matter to a non-technical audience, and conversely, be able to understand business needs and translate such to Oracle technical jargon and system functioning
  • Good ability to understand business need and recommend appropriate system architecture design to meet that need through BRD, integration and optimization process channels
  • Good restatement/reclassification /understanding of Actual, budget, forecasting relationship
  • Very good understanding of sytem data output across systems inorder to interpret data integrity check process and react accordingly to results
  • Sophisticated understanding of Oracle HFM, Essbase and FDMEE functionality in an administrator-like capacity, and Competent in understanding the technical data flow of information through Oracle FDMEE, HFM and Essbase applications, in order to understand the expected outcomes at any given point in the dataflow process, as well as to be effective in understanding customer needs and guide the team in determine how the systems can be aligned to meet those needs
  • Guide troubleshooting efforts in times of unexpected data results of system performance
  • Advanced decision-making skills about methodical troubleshooting and problem solving, to manage the team in the completion of tasks and department objectives, applying 'best practices' to system design and process, managing expectation of various customer groups, forecasting and meeting deadlines, and managing all aspects of staff developmenT
Posted by Stephanie Gonzalez
Senior Technical Recruiter
(800) 821-4644 x 3997