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Remote Project Manager - DevOps

  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Start Date: 1/13/2022
  • Job ID: 22-00035
  • Posting Date: 1/13/2022
  • Job Type: Contract
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Executive Description
Software development, testing and deployment automation pipeline and processes to implement DevOps for increased quality, more frequent releases and faster time-to-value

Build Continuous Integration/Continuo us Delivery automated and reusable pipeline and approach to enable teams to implement the pipeline. Substantially expand automated testing, and implement infrastructure-as-co de to ensure consistency across dev-test-UAT-prod environments. Dashboards provide continuous visibility and continuous improvement of development efforts. Modestly higher investment in automation drives major reductions in development time and both change and run costs.

Job attributes are below:

Candidate must have experience managing projects associated with DevOps.
Candidate must have experience managing application software development projects.
Candidate must have experience with Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) methodologies and practices.
Candidate must have experience with cloud migrations, Azure, or software-as-a-service (SaaS).
Candidate must have experience with software development methodologies, lifecycles, and understand how software is developed and deployed to production.
Candidate must have a strong understanding of change management procedures as it relates to software development.
Candidate must possess the ability to embrace change and manage competing priorities. Must be able to pivot laterally from one focus to another while maintaining tactical (10,000 ft view) and strategic (50,000 ft view) of project and program objectives.
Candidate must possess a strong financial acumen. Robust understanding of forecasts, how to process actual costs, accruals, and reversals. Appreciation of capital and expense funding. Must have experience managing vendors and vendor billing.
Candidate must have experience managing application development projects using Agile methodologies, preferably Agile exposure to the SAFe methodologies.
Candidate must have strong appreciation for governance models. Exposure to SAFe Agile, ITIL, or PMP. Certifications not necessarily required, candidate must demonstrate ability to appreciate differing models (Agile and Waterfall), governance lifecycle, and have experience with artifact creation, review, and submission.
Candidate must possess strong written and oral communication skills. Candidate must be able to operate in team environment as well as on solitary tasks, whereupon reporting back to Project Management lead.
Candidate needs to be technically proficient in remote working environment toolsets, not limited but to include, email, Teams, Zoom, and Webex.
Candidate should have exposure to quality assurance testing methodologies, tools, and terminology.
Posted by Robyn Wolf
Technical Resource Manager
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