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EDI Analyst

  • Location: Merrillville, IN
  • Start Date: 10/1/2020
  • Job ID: 20-00494
  • Posting Date: 10/1/2020
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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Main objective is to develop, coordinate, implement, and manage all EDI-related developments for the organization. Responsible for developing, and analyzing specifications used for enhancements and extensions in EDI applications, interfaces, and mappings. Coordinate all EDI testing, implementations, and upgrades. Additionally, the serves as the primary link between the business and any data-trading partners; they work with all trading partners to determine the type of data they would like to trade and develop guidelines and specifications for data exchange. Define, develop, test, analyze, and maintain new software applications in support of the achievement of business requirements. This includes, but not limited to writing, coding, testing, and analyzing software programs and applications. Will also research, design, document, and modify software specifications throughout the production life cycle.

  • Design, develop, document, modify, and maintain EDI trading partner integrations.
  • Model, analyze, and maintain various data exchanges with any partners.
  • Work alongside various departments to develop solutions to improve workflow.
  • Research and understand technical EDI documentation.
  • Identify problems and develop solutions to improve efficiencies and performance in the business flow.
  • Develop ad-hoc reports as requested.
  • Help departments translate raw data into a readable format.
  • Work with employees at all levels of their organization to support accurate, proper data exchanges within the organization
  • Coordinate EDI activities
  • Assist with any testing to observe and interpret messages received and offer updates to their supervisor, typically a departmental lead or supervisor
  • Design, develop, document, modify, and maintain assigned EDI programs and integrations.
  • Model, analyze, and maintain various databases and data sources for users.
  • Help departments translate raw data into a readable format.
  • Other duties as assigned

  • 3+ years of experience
  • Recent experience with EDI coordination, analysis, and development
  • Understanding of different EDI file types and mapping technologies
  • Experience with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to conduct research into software-related issues and business procedures.
  • Flexible and adaptable regarding learning and understanding new technologies
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
Posted by Adam Barron
Technical Resource Manager - Midwest
(800) 821-4644 x 9584