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Software Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Location: Conshohocke, PA
  • Start Date: 2/8/2019
  • Job ID: 19-00086
  • Posting Date: 2/8/2019
  • Job Type: Contract
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Basic Functions
Defines, develops, maintains, and executes test scripts for Web Ops projects and/or maintenance items. Strives to ensure that system requirements are satisfied for internal and external application users. Ensures project testing is complete and testing risks are identified prior to implementation. Manages defects from identification to closure through the Software Development Life Cycle.
Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities
  • Defines, develops and maintains test scripts.
  • Independently executes test plans and test scripts based on planned project schedules and in accordance with QA methodology.
  • Proactively escalates issues to the QA Lead and alerts the project team on potential impact to test schedule.
  • Records and tracks defects uncovered during the execution of tests scripts.  Drives defect towards resolution; proposes and designs retest cases, scripts and data.
  • Provides timely and accurate status defect information and appropriate metrics to facilitate QA reporting.
  • May participate on Testing Production Support though rotating on-call responsibilities.
  • Provides consistent and uninterrupted testing service to the organization and minimizes risk of systems down time.
  • Reviews requirements and specifications and provides input during requirements and specification walkthroughs.
  • Develops and executes basic SQL queries.
  • Contributes to the development of the test plans and project testing approach.  Contributes to the development of project and release Test Plan documents.  Understands and contributes to the process of test estimates and project schedules.
  • Participates in test planning, test case design and test script walkthroughs with QA Leads.  Understands testing to be accomplished and suggests changes for efficiencies within or between projects.
  • May assist in the preparation of test estimates and project schedules.
  • Adheres to established standards and methodologies.  Utilizes tools and methodologies to improve individual effectiveness and to increase efficiencies in the QA process.
  • Develops and sustains appropriate relationship with peers and other project team members.
Supervision Received
The QA Analyst can report to any of the managerial positions within QA (Lead, Manager or Director).
Supervision Exercised
Exhibits Behavior Competencies
  • Understanding and applying guidelines for ethical decision making
    • Acts in the best interests of client
    • Demonstrates integrity in all situations
    • Hold self and others to client values
    • Effectively articulates clients promise to marketplace
  • Focusing on business results
    • Understands the financial implications of business decisions
    • Sets and purses aggressive goals to reach peak performances
    • Puts top priority on generating sustained successful business performance
  • Honoring commitment
    • Meets or exceeds performance expectations
    • Inspires trust by delivering on promises
    • Adheres to client policies, practices, code of conduct and Applicable laws and regulations
    • Demonstrates client values through actions and communication
  • Embracing change
    • Actively participates in the change process
    • Demonstrates resilience and commitment during times of change
    • Revises priorities as appropriate to response to change
    • Adapts project plans and/or work tasks to create alignment with overall goals
    • Takes initiative to improve own capabilities as business changes
    • Delivers service in compliance with contractual agreement
    • Meets or exceeds established performance standards
    • Manages service delivery so that internal processes are invisible to team players
    • Uses available tools and systems to deliver timely, accurate services

  • Strong leadership capabilities, good judgment and the ability to work effectively with a diverse workforce.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and planning ability.  Detailed oriented. Observational.
  • Ability to multi-task to accomplish workload efficiently. Excellent time management.
  • Good work ethic and general business acumen.
  • Proficient on Microsoft Office suite.
  • Experience with system development lifecycle and test engineering methodologies. 
  • Working knowledge of testing concepts, verification and validation techniques, defect management, quantitative methods, risk management and measurement programs.
  • 1-3 years experience in Quality Assurance. (Flexible on more as well)

  • Bachelor's Degree or an equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • Certified Software Testing Engineer (CSTE) designation.
  • Working knowledge of defect tracking and quality principles and testing tools.
  • Knowledge of Sybase, Oracle, Web and Middle tier testing.
  • Knowledge of client business functions.
  • Understanding of project management methodologies.
  • Basic programming knowledge
Posted by Brian Long
Technical Recruiting Manager
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