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E-Commerce Website Developer

  • Location: El Segundo, CA
  • Start Date: 7/26/2022
  • Job ID: 22-00495
  • Posting Date: 7/26/2022
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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Client is in need of an E-Commerce Website Developer. Hiring manager would prefer onsite in CA but is open to a remote candidate if they are a great match.

We are seeking someone to develop our own data analytic tacking tool, using our own database (like an SQL database). We want a tool that will record every click, history of a user. AND, use that info not just to ANALYZE, but to optimize the USER experience (when they return) so the site is customized/dynamic to the user's history (if they previously looked at a particular product,next time show images, deals for that same product).

Should be able to record information off a website (where a user went, how long, gather other information about the user, like Google analytics, but at the user level) and store it in a database, then use that information in the database, when the user returns, to display the website more to the users liking.

Below are the skills the manager is seeking for this role:
-Super charge their website.
-Programing of the website is in JavaScript.
-Ability to gather any and all kind of user information.
-Need to setup a separate database (cloud, depending on the amount of information, preferably using SQL, since the hiring manager is familiar with that database).
-Analyze the data that is collected, so skilled in Data Analytics.
-Candidate must be able to use this information to dictate the user experience on the website. Someone that is well versed in Python or similar is preferred.
-Able to maintain the website, run SEO tasks.
-Will redesign website by direction or provide insight to have the website be more effective.
-Experience in ecommerce to know what works in obtaining and retaining users, and converting them into customers.

-Familiar with Shopify as the backend order processor, Returnly, as their product return app.
-Set up AI functionality and Customer Service enhancements (they currently use Front for Customer Service issues).
-They want someone to take ownership of the website/e-comm.
Posted by Todd Wallace
Technical Resource Manager – New York and Connecticut
(800) 821-4644 x 9224