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Staffing Consultant

  • Location: Berlin, CT
  • Start Date: 6/22/2022
  • Job ID: 22-00428
  • Posting Date: 6/22/2022
  • Job Type: Contract
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This position supports the college recruiting function and drives the recruiting for various development and apprentice programs. Involved in program development, execution and relationship management.

Support the College Recruiting efforts to recruit top talent for Intern & Coop positions, Leadership and Engineering Development Programs and other Workforce Development programs.
Build relationships with select colleges and universities and coordinate career fairs and events. Market the programs by being creative and innovative.
Recruit for various Apprentice programs. Develop relationships with schools, external resources, students and management.
Market the programs through various social media channels.
Presentations to student groups, schools and events to attract candidates to program.
Facilitate evaluation and interview process. Process background investigations and negotiate and extend offers.
Supports the operational aspects of the recruiting cycle including resume management, logistics, reporting, tracking, analytics, etc.
In a fast paced environment, work with team to coordinate interview schedules and arrange travel.
Ensures adherence to all statutory federal, state and local regulations during the employment process.
Work on a variety of special projects in Staffing and HR.

Minimum of 1 year related college recruiting experience Must enjoy presenting to small and large student groups.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Strong project management and execution skills.
Ability to manage time effectively and execute work autonomously. Must collaborate with the team.
Driven, engaged, creative and innovative.
Excellent attention to detail and follow up.
Strong analytical mindset.
PowerPoint and Excel experience strongly preferred.
Posted by Colin Reid