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EDI Specialist

  • Location: Dayton, OH
  • Start Date: 6/9/2022
  • Job ID: 22-00405
  • Posting Date: 6/9/2022
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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The EDI Specialist is responsible for leading the implementation of and maintaining the flow of electronic data. A key function of the role is to acquire new trading partners into the EDI network as well as maintain data exceptions with current EDI trading partners.

  • Manage the EDI strategy within the organization
  • Manage resolution of issues raised pertaining to supplier payments and publish reports and measures on the performance of this service
  • Create and maintain EDI transaction maps and standards
  • Evaluate new products and services related to EDI
  • Act as the primary point of contact for EDI service providers
  • Serve as the subject matter expert for EDI implementations on projects and enhancements
  • Understands existing and new industry standards, and continuously seeks opportunities to improve EDI technologies.


  • 3+ years of EDI experience

  • Experience utilizing mapping in an EDI context, including creating and maintaining maps and developing mapping specifications

  • Experience with the following EDI transaction sets such as 210, 215, 810, 850, and 856

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    Excellent communication skills

Posted by Adam Barron
Technical Resource Manager - Midwest
(800) 821-4644 x 9584