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Remote Product Designer

  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Start Date: 4/7/2022
  • Job ID: 22-00335
  • Posting Date: 5/9/2022
  • Job Type: Contract
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Our client is seeking a Remote Product Designer to join their Product Design team for a 3 month contract. This individual will collaborate with a cross-functional team to create the ultimate digital experience for the Company's customers in a two-sided market place environment.


  • Work closely with the other designers, product managers and engineers as well as sales and operations teams, to assist in defining the service experience and corresponding tools that will deliver the desired customer experience.
  • Partner with cross-functional teams of product and engineering to identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement.
  • Help the team define both long term vision and feature-level requirements and communicate changes to internal team members.
  • Initiative-level UX/UI design which includes visual design, interaction design, and intended changes of human behavior.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative methods to uncover user patterns, behaviors and intent; help define user problems and translate these findings into opportunities for effective and measurable solutions
  • Lead design reviews and critique
  • Map product requirements to design elegant agent-facing tools and service experience flows, prototyping interactions across mobile and desktop platforms
  • Deliver production ready designs for development and collaborate directly with engineers to support an iterative product development process within an Agile environment.


  • 3-5 years of experience working in UX Design with Product Managers and Engineers, creating best-in-class products
  • Knowledge of, and strong ability to advocate for basic design principles
  • Experience working within and actively contributing to a design system
  • Deep knowledge of Figma
  • Working knowledge of other prototyping, wireframing and mapping tools.
  • Experience in conducting and participating in qualitative user studies


  • Knowledge of, and experience designing for consumer/provider marketplace dynamics
  • Knowledge of, and experience designing for behavior change and employing engagement loops
  • Experience in quantitative data analysis a plus
  • Knowledge of real estate industry
  • Experience designing mobile applications
  • Experience designing for scale

This position is right for you, if you enjoy:

  • Designing products with an end-to-end "big picture experience in mind, knowing that it's not just about a fine-tuned design, but how the people interact with the end-to-end service that matters.
  • Participating in user research/testing with product users
  • Translating foundational, generative, and evaluative research into insights, opportunities and new UX concepts
  • Having a strong voice to inform others on how the product you work on impacts both our customers and our business
  • Leading the ideation of full product and feature-level work and managing design compromises with team members
  • Solving complex design and interaction problems that impact multiple systems and teams
  • Hearing feedback from Product, Design and Engineering team members, and can both defend designs and make changes as necessary
  • Collaboratively shipping, testing, and iterating, on productivity-tool-based products and features for web and native app development
  • Communicating complex ideas or concepts to non-tech, non-design-oriented colleagues and stakeholders
  • Balancing multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment and striking the balance between sketches, process flows, wireframes, Lo-fi & hi-fi prototypes
Posted by Jeffrey Armstrong