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Scada Engineer

  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Start Date: 11/29/2021
  • Job ID: 21-00783
  • Posting Date: 11/29/2021
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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We are looking for a talented and hard-working individual with a minimum of five (5) years' experience in Data Acquisition / SCADA services area to support consulting work with client. The Data Acquisition Services team is responsible for the bulk of the Real-Time Information that flows to/from customer locations, as well as real-time data flowing through ISO interfaces. Much of this information is processed by the Real-Time Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) installed at Cleint. The SCADA system also interfaces with many internal systems at to provide settlements data as well as receiving pricing and customer input information from Internet facing WEB applications, such as |GOL is also looking for additional support for our OSI PI Data Historian system as well as other custom SCADA components. The position we seek to fill will assist in the day-to-day support of SCADA system, will provide significant input into the design / redesign of SCADA systems and interfaces with other systems, and will also support new projects where installs data acquisition systems at client locations.

Examples of specific responsibilities include:
  • Development / setup of RTU installations at client locations (primarily conducted remotely from offices in Philadelphia)
  • Adding RTU connections / data points / one-line displays / general support of SCADA system
  • Develop, test, and deploy applications and worker services in technologies such as .NET, Python
  • Develop, test, and deploy data transformation scripts and build real time visualization in tools such as Grafana.
  • Management of Data Acquisition Services related client projects, including project scoping, cost estimates, invoicing, and general project management activities
  • Support and management of the OSI PI historian
To effectively fulfill this role, the SCADA Project Consultant needs to possess:
  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience
  • Advanced knowledge of SCADA systems and specifically their use in the electrical generation and demand response industry
  • Programming in .NET framework using C#, and Python is a must have
  • Experience in SCADA system design
  • Strong analytical reasoning skills
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to be self-directed as well as work well with others
  • Desire to help grow revenues and profitability
  • Should be willing to travel (although travel expected to be less than 10%).
Preferred Experience:
  • Experience with the following Remote Terminal Unit communications protocols:
  • Inter Control Center Protocol (IEC 60870-6/TASE.2)
  • Distribute Network Protocol (DNP 3.0) TCP/IP and Serial
  • IEC-60870-104IEC 60870-5-101 and Protocol TCP/IP and SerialModbus
  • OLE for Process Controls (OPC UA and DA)
    • Experience with Inductive Automation Ignition
    • Experience with the OSI PI Data Historian
    • Grafanao Experience with
    • Experience with UNIX/Linux operating systems
Posted by Todd Wallace
Technical Resource Manager – New York and Connecticut
(800) 821-4644 x 9224