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EDI Coordinator

  • Location: Dalton, GA
  • Start Date: 8/16/2021
  • Job ID: 21-00569
  • Posting Date: 9/13/2021
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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Company and Summary of Position
Global import and distribution Company in the home furnishings industry, which has been in business for over 90 years, seeks experienced EDI Coordinator. The successful candidate will work with customers and vendors in development and customization of EDI transformations and mappings. Assist in planning and improving EDI services per our customer requirements and feedback. Our goal is to create successful and productive relationships with customers, partners and vendors through enhanced B2B technical integration. In addition, the individual is responsible for assisting in detailing specifications for those applications and assisting in documenting them to ensure they are built properly in the first place and then are easier to maintain thereafter.
This is a "hands on position with a candidate that takes strong initiatives all EDI skills are required.
Strong communication skills to coordinate with warehouse personnel and others is essential.

Essential Functions
  1. Maintain and support existing EDI integrations with trading partners including Retail, Wholesale, Dropship and B2B commerce.
  2. Create new EDI mappings, testing, debugging, documentation, modification and installation of all EDI integrations.
  3. Initiates, communicates and coordinates all EDI activities with trading partners.
  4. Maintain documentation on procedures and processes.
  5. Monitor and resolve issues for incoming and outgoing EDI transactions including Customer POs, ASN, Invoices, Inventory and PO changes.
  6. Creating ASNs and Labels for container shipments from the Mill; SKU and Carton Labels printing.
  7. Monitor and address EDI customer issues with warehouse for carriers and shipment delays, missing weights, suspended/missing items/customer SKUs.
  8. Work closely with staff such as, sales managers, customer service, operations staff, plan administrative staff, etc.
  1. Proficient in EDI software package, preferably TLI Trusted link (OpenText)
  2. Experience with IBM System I (iSeries, AS/400) required.
  3. Knowledge of CommerceHub or Disco integrations desired.
  4. 5+ years of in-depth knowledge of Retail, Wholesale, B2B commerce EDI transactions
  5. INFOR Aplus software experience a big +++.
  6. Knowledge of TL Ashford labeling software desired.
  7. Personal effectiveness/integrity
  8. Communication Proficiency
  9. Flexibility
Posted by Todd Wallace
Technical Resource Manager – New York and Connecticut
(800) 821-4644 x 9224