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EDI Application Developer Remote Contractor

  • Location: , MN
  • Start Date: 9/7/2021
  • Job ID: 21-00557
  • Posting Date: 9/7/2021
  • Job Type: Contract
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Position Description
  • This position is responsible for designing, developing, implementing and maintaining purchased and/or custom application solutions using the following technologies: RPG/400, RPGILE/400, DB2/400, CL/400, and additional IBM technologies.
  • This position is responsible for applying functional business knowledge to develop, program, implement and/or support individual components.This involves planning, analysis, detailed design, developing/coding, testing and implementation of the components.This may also involve providing enhancements and ongoing application support to the deployed application.
  • This position will require the ability to work independently and work collaboratively with other IT Developers, Contract Programmers, and Customers (internal and external). The position will require strong communication skills and ability to lead a project that interfaces with our vendors and customers.
  • This position adheres to the established lifecycle methodology and practices, in accordance to project plans while carrying out their responsibilities.This may include maintaining technical documentation of the individual components within an application.

Main Responsibilities
  • Develop, maintain, and support the design of business applications with primary focus on EDI integrations using TrustedLink for the iSeries, OpenText and GXS Bizmanager products. Knowledge of cXML within the GXS products is key for this role.
  • Write technical specifications and make technical recommendations
  • Test and review computer/business applications using RPG technologies
  • Design DB2/400 and SQL databases as required. Coordinate physical changes to databases applying knowledge of database management systems.
  • Work independently in the absence of supervision.
  • Provide training to other IT Developers on any new development created while on staff

Basic Qualifications:
  • 6+ years programming experience
  • 4+ years experience in RPGIV or RPGILE/400;
  • 4+ years using iSeries technologies such as: SQL, CL, SDA, RDA
  • 4+ years experience working with 3rdparty vendors and customers to integrate additional applications and support system functionality to meet their needs
  • 4+ years experience integrating EDI solutions using TrustedLink, OpenText, GXS products

Preferred Qualifications:
  • ISERIES LPAR environment; EDI and cXML technologies & experience support a service business.
  • Excellent communication skills working with both internal and external customers
  • Ability to work closely with and understand business requirements and translate them to functional solutions within the business application
Posted by Andy Oliver
Technical Recruiting Manager
(800) 821-4644 x 9223