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Training Facilitator

  • Location: Geneva, NY
  • Start Date: 6/9/2021
  • Job ID: 21-00357
  • Posting Date: 6/9/2021
  • Job Type: Contract
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The training facilitator will support the operations department in the coordination, delivery, and tracking of training records for Henkel employees and temporary associates. The facilitator will work closely with the management team to schedule, deliver, and track trainings as well as communicate training progression and completion status. The facilitator will work closely with the department manager to determine when trainees will be complete and the facilitator will be ready for more trainees. He/ She will be responsible for training materials, sign in sheets and quizzes to be available for on - site trainings and will assist in the development of training materials and training assessment pertaining to the positions/processes they train to. Education and Experience: Associate degree or equivalent required with 3+ years' experience as a trainer. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite required, specifically SharePoint. Bi-lingual a plus. Ability to organize and prioritize work. Must demonstrate excellent communication skills both orally and in writing with employees and management.

Essential Functions: 1. Manage and communicate required training sessions 2. Support in the development of the training materials for processes they perform training on. 3. Maintain training records, identifying required training gaps, notification of the gaps to management team. 4. Work with management team to determine how many openings they have and are able to perform. 5. All other duties as assigned.

Comments/Special Instructions
This job is 100% on site. Bilingual preferred
Posted by Jeffrey Armstrong