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Supply Planning Consultant

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Start Date: 6/4/2021
  • Job ID: 21-00349
  • Posting Date: 6/4/2021
  • Job Type: Contract
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Accountable for delivering balanced, world class results across case fill, inventory and process metrics with demonstrated commitment to supply planning process excellence and continuous improvement.

  • Manages an efficient MPS / DRP / MRP process for assigned technology.
  • Drives results through adherence to core supply planning processes and policies.
  • Optimization of inventory and case fill end to end.
  • Drive decisions and trade-offs to optimize the supply plan and communicates to stakeholders.
  • Develop constrained / feasible MPS / DRP /MRP plans over the aligned time horizon.
  • Monthly inputs /capacity planning in support of Step 3 process.
  • Weekly sequencing to align scheduling wheel and capacity, minimizing change overs & maximizing planning efficiencies.
  • 3+ years of Supply Chain experience
  • Experience with Supply Planning in SAP
  • Experience in MS Excel including data analysis and reports
  • BI/BW reporting knowledge preferred
  • Team player, willing to back up other team members
  • Comfortable in an environment of project management, with rapidly changing priorities
Posted by Jeffrey Armstrong