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Systems Analyst

  • Location: Queens, NY
  • Start Date: 5/26/2021
  • Job ID: 21-00328
  • Posting Date: 5/26/2021
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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What we're looking for

  • Collaborate with business analysts and senior business teams, to question, to understand and to confirm the business objectives and business requirements, the business process flows and the involved parties.
  • Understand the system design principles and system functionalities, to derive appropriate design solutions to work with business teams.
  • Collaborate with vendor(s) for solution design and project implementation.
  • Drive business analysts and senior business teams to derive the optimal business processes and requirements that best fit system design principles and achieve the same business objectives for the project(s).
  • Derive optimal system design and implementation with efficient IT operation maintenance, performance, and security management in consideration.

Required Qualifications:

  • Great communication skills in cross departments and in cross roles.
  • Must have 3+ years of Financial, Freight, or Custom Brokerage related solution implementation experience.
  • Must have 3+ years of experience in system analysis and system design with deliverables that need to be signed off by top management teams.
  • Must have 3+ years of experience in project driven environments, in which the projects have more than 5+ members (from business, IT and vendors) and the projects span for a period of 4+ months.
  • It's required that this candidate have experience in system analysis and system design and has worked in a project driven environment which involves negotiations with upper management and vendors about new technical solutions for the business.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in UML or BPMN is a plus.
  • 2+ years of experience in platform administration is a plus.
  • Experience in managing 2+ SaaS platforms is a plus.
  • Experience in business centric solution (SaaS based) evaluation is a plus.
Financial Background: Experience with ERP platforms (SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamic AX or NAV, Netsuite) or Account Receivable solutions (GetPaid, HighRaidus) is a plus.

Freight Background: Experience with CargoWise One, Magaya, BlueJay, or other Freight ERP is a plus.

Brokerage Background: Experience with CargoWise One, Magaya, ACELYNK, IES by Decartes is a plus.

Education & Certificate:

  • Undergraduate degree in computer science, statistics, or equivalent work experience.
  • CargoWise Certified Professional is a plus
Posted by Jeffrey Armstrong