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SyteLine/CloudSuite Analyst - Remote

  • Location: ,
  • Start Date: 2/15/2021
  • Job ID: 21-00079
  • Posting Date: 2/15/2021
  • Job Type: Contract
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The contractor will be required to meet with project team members for various projects that are in process or on the list to be completed in this fiscal year and function as the Financial Systems Analyst for these projects. This includes:
  • Understand Syteline version 8 capabilities in relation to the respective process
  • Develop the specifications for changing the functionality of Syteline and/or the reporting features to enhance the usability of Syteline
  • Develop & execute testing plans to ensure the process improvements function as designed
  • Work with the users to develop, review, and prepare procedures and workflows to document the new process and train the users.
  • Interact with all aspects of the business personnel from the manufacturing floor to top management to develop plans of action.
  • Utilize SQL Server (T-SQL) for troubleshooting and research purposes.
  • Design and maintain project plans, including milestones, to measure and report progress to management.

The candidate must have the following qualifications.
  • Strong working knowledge of Syteline version 8 with Projects module experience
  • SQL knowledge and experience
  • Knowledge of UET's and how they impact Syteline functionality
  • Strong verbal and written skills to understand the root cause of issues, ability to understand how to improve the process by utilizing Syteline, and prepare specifications for and documentation of the changes.
  • Time management skills to meet deadlines
  • Flexibility to work on multiple projects with minimal supervision.
  • Self-starter to identify the issues, research best practices to resolve the issues, and work collaboratively with team members to select the appropriate option to solve the issues.
Posted by Brian Long
Technical Recruiting Manager
(800) 821-4644 x