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EDI Analyst

  • Location: , PA
  • Start Date: 10/11/2020
  • Job ID: 20-00509
  • Posting Date: 10/11/2020
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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Position Summary:
The Sr EDI Applications Analyst is involved in day-to-day support activities for EDI transactions used in communicating with customers, vendors, banks, and logistics providers

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Monitoring inbound/outbound EDI messages and exception handling
  • Managing EDI-related SAP batch jobs on job scheduler system
  • Solving helpdesk cases involving assigned EDI transactions
  • Answering user questions about EDI capability
  • Creating new reports or system capabilities that will be used by the EDI Team
  • Testing new reports or system changes.
  • Working with users to finalize testing of new reports or system changes
  • Using SAP Solution Manager to create, update support tickets
  • Working on projects such as SAP upgrades or implementations where EDI transactions are required.
  • Leading small projects in support of user needs
  • Serving as a back-up for support in other assigned areas of EDI
  • Serving as an on-call resource per a rotating schedule

  • 3 to 7 Years Hands-on Experience with EDI Systems and projects
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills,
  • High School diploma, Associate or Bachelor's degree preferred
  • Experience with Gentran Integration Suite (GIS)
  • Change Management tools such as SAP Solution Manager or similar tools
  • Visual Basic Scripting
  • XML
Posted by Michelle Rodriguez
Technical Resource Manager- West Coast
(800) 821-4644 x 7685