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Application Systems Manager

  • Location: Manitowoc, WI
  • Start Date: 10/7/2020
  • Job ID: 20-00504
  • Posting Date: 10/7/2020
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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The Application Systems Manager provides leadership and direction for the software applications team in developing and maintaining software.  Is responsible for planning, directing and controlling the development, installation and implementation of new or revised applications systems and programs.
  • Manages the personnel within the applications team.  This includes effective hiring, setting expectations, motivating and developing team members.
  • Manages the activities and timelines of the applications group in designing and developing software products that are in line with business priorities.
  • Manages multiple software projects, ensuring that appropriate procedures, processes, tools and staffing levels are in place for all software projects, including testing and release activities.
  • Plans and prioritizes the workload of applications staff while monitoring and evaluating the completion of tasks and projects.
  • Conducts feasibility studies, costs and time estimates for requested projects. 
  • Analyzes software requirements, and creates and implements design plans.
  • Works together with team leaders to ensure that software projects are successful.  This includes timelines, project scope, deliverables and technical resources that are needed.
  • Responsible for the effective communication of project status to the Director of Information Systems.
  • Coordinates implementations with other IT staff to assure proper coordination.
  • Responsible for accomplishing all plans and goals of the applications team.
  • Provides leadership and guidance to coach, motivate, and lead team members.
  • Effectively communicates major issues, timelines and implementation plans to Director of Information Systems.
  • Assures that the SDLC methodology, and other established procedures, standards and protocols are being used.
  • Manage the status of outstanding software issues and contribute to their resolution.
  • Contribute as a stake holder to the IT strategic plan and the annual IT project plan.
  • Other duties as assigned by business needs.
  • 7+ years of IT experience
  • Recent experience in hands-on team leadership and management
  • Varied technical background to include applications, software, database, ERP, EDI, etc.
  • Experience in project management
  • Full understanding of systems development life cycle methodology.
  • Excellent communication skills
Posted by Samantha Kuncio
Technical Recruiter
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