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DMS SCADA - Developer, Administrator, Support

  • Location: Allentown, PA
  • Start Date: 4/21/2020
  • Job ID: 20-00227
  • Posting Date: 4/21/2020
  • Job Type: Contract
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Skills / Experience:
Onsite availability a must.
The project will upgrade the existing Client Digital e-terra platform for DMS, and subsequently replace the implementation of the Client PowerOn 4.2.3 Outage Management System (OMS) with an OMS embedded in the Client Digital DMS platform. Tasks will include a broad range of skills in configuring, implementing, testing, and deploying new version of DMS and the DMS-OMS software.

Primary Interactions:
  • Distribution Operations
  • Distribution Engineering
  • IT
  • IT Application Support & Services Managed Service Providers
  • Client/Alstom (DMS, ADMS, DERMS, Scada, Habitat, e-terra platform/product suite)

Function as an IT technical resource / Integrator
  • Interact with vendor partners (Client) & resources to understand requirements and design needs
  • Develop and test integrations between ADMS and other internal-external applications

  • Ability to estimate work
  • Ability to analyze existing implementation and extend to tangible steps for new
  • Design and Develop integration to support the new application follow defined standards
  • Develop specifications for each data integration
  • Develop Test Plans, Execute Test Plans, Do data setup for testing both functional and performance testing
  • Participate in deployment phase to shake out remaining system issues

Functional/Technical (Importance indicated on 10-point scale, i.e. n/10):
  • 10/10 Hands on experience configuring, implementing, and managing Advanced Energy Management systems, ideally e-terra platform
Scada Front End
Inter Site Data
FISR automated Fault Isolation, Switching and Restoration
Volt Var Control
Outage Management
Kubernetes containers
Azure integration
  • 6/10 - C# .Net. This includes best practices, performance tuning & troubleshooting, security, web-service design, RESTful, WCF, SOA, MVC-Razor Pages
  • 6/10 - Agile software development methodology experience
  • 7/10 - Experience with Oracle. Solid understanding of SQL tuning, indexing, and query costs.
  • 6/10 - HPQC (Client Quality Center/ALM testing tools)

  • 8/10 - Strong verbal and written communication and facilitation skills. Must be able to help business counterparts in finding optimal solutions.
  • 8/10 - Ability to work collaboratively with team members
  • 8/10 - Self-Starter, Assertive leadership

  • The following are requirements for candidates to be eligible. All candidates must be eligible for employment by without a requirement of sponsorship.
  • Work timeframe is approximately 12-17 months
  • On-premise work location

ADMS Advanced Distribution Management System
DMS Distribution Management System
SCADA "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition "
OMS Outage Management System
Posted by Matthew Lemay
Technical Recruiter
(800) 821-4644 x