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SiteCore Solution Architect

  • Location: North Andover, MA
  • Start Date: 11/5/2019
  • Job ID: 19-00660
  • Posting Date: 11/5/2019
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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Job description
  • Assess and troubleshoot technical issues across the entire website environment and ensure smooth deploys of content to Production (30%)
  • Manage the technical delivery of custom development, integrations, and data migration elements of the company's Web Content Management (WCM) solution (30%)
  • Direct, review and QA projects with external development partners to ensure proper development standards are followed, and conduct code reviews for ongoing projects to ensure that code quality is at the highest level possible (15%)
  • Translate business requirements into well-architected solutions, lead technical design sessions, architect and document technical solutions that are aligned with business objectives (15%)
  • Provide hands-on, expert-level technical assistance to developers, assist with building out our DevOps systems and release process qualifications (10%)
  • Bachelor's degree in Information Technology or a related field is a plus
  • This position has no direct reports
  • Experience managing, troubleshooting, and optimizing Sitecore on Azure PaaS (required)
  • Sitecore Certified Developer Certification required
  • Experience with external DAM integrations (required)
  • Experience working with and optimizing Solr (required)
  • Experience with PIM integrations, and on a multi-language, multi-CD instance (preferred)
  • Experience managing external vendors and QA'ing code from other sources
  • Minimum of 5 years of Sitecore platform experience (7+ years preferred)
  • Minimum of 5 years of .NET experience
  • Familiarity with agile software delivery methodologies such as Scrum
  • Experience using Sitecore personalization features (preferred)
  • Experience using xDB, FXM, Custom Pipelines, Sitecore MVC, etc
  • Broad understanding of marketing technologies, Marketo and experience a plus
  • Proven ability to design and optimize business processes and integrate processes across disparate systems
  • Strong understanding, perspective on codebase management, continuous integration, and organization
Posted by Paul Levesque
Technical Resource Manager
(800) 821-4644 x 9215