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Edifecs Developer Consultants

  • Location: Jacksonville, FL
  • Start Date: 12/17/2018
  • Job ID: 19-00659
  • Posting Date: 11/5/2019
  • Job Type: Contract
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Sr Edifecs Developer (with Java experience):

Developers are responsible for development, programming, coding of Information Technology solutions. Developers are responsible for documenting detailed system specifications, participation in unit testing and maintenance of planned and unplanned internally developed applications, evaluation and performance testing of purchased products. Developers are responsible for including IT Controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity, as well as availability of the application and data processed or output by the application. Developers are assigned to moderately complex development projects.
" Write code for moderately complex system designs. Write programs that span platforms. Code and/or create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

" Write code for enhancing existing programs or developing new programs.

" Review code developed by other Developers.
" Provide input to and drive programming standards.
" Write detailed technical specifications for subsystems. Identify integration points.
" Report missing elements found in system and functional requirements and explain impacts on subsystem to team members.
" Consult with other Developers, Business Systems Analysts, Project Managers and vendors.
" "Scope time, resources, etc., required to complete programming projects. Seek review from other Developers, Business Systems Analysts or Project Managers on estimates.
" Perform unit testing and debugging. Set test conditions based upon code specifications
" Supports transition of application throughout the Product Development life cycle. Document what has to be migrated.
" Researches vendor products / alternatives. Conducts vendor product gap analysis / comparison.
" Accountable for including IT Controls and following standard corporate practices to protect the confidentiality, integrity, as well as availability of the application and data processed or output by the application.
" Tier 1 Production support
" Other duties as assigned


" 4 or more years of IT development/programming/coding professional work experience
" Bachelor's degree in an IT related field or equivalent work experience
" Experience and understanding with unit testing, release procedures, coding design and documentation protocol as well as change management procedures
" Proficiency using versioning tools
" Thorough knowledge of Information Technology fields and computer systems
" Demonstrated organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills
" Flexible team player
" Ability to manage tasks independently and take ownership of responsibilities
" Ability to learn from mistakes and apply constructive feedback to improve performance
" Must demonstrate initiative and effective independent decision-making skills
" Ability to communicate technical information clearly and articulately
" Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment
" Proficiency using standard desktop applications such as MS Suite and flowcharting tools such as Visio
" Proficiency using debugging tools
" High critical thinking skills to evaluate alternatives and present solutions that are consistent with business objectives and strategy
" Ability to pick up new systems quickly and move forward with changes with minimal support
" Strong knowledge of the Healthcare industry including X12 and HL7 transactions

Edifecs Specific Requirements:
" In-depth understanding of the Edifecs Smart Trading Platform (smart trade is a plus)
" Experience developing Edifecs Guidelines (X12, XML, and flat file formats)
" Experience developing complex Edifecs maps and templates
" Experience developing complex Edifecs routes, including the following
" Validation
" Calls to external services (MQ, web service, and REST)
" Translation
" TM integration
" Error handling and replay
" Performance tuning
" Experience configuring Edifecs TPM, including the following:
" Partners
" Agreements
" Relationships
" Experience with XES Manager
" Experience troubleshooting production issues on the Edifecs Smart Trading Platform

" Experience using Agile methodology
Posted by Matthew Lemay