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IT Applications Specialist

  • Location: Wichita, KS
  • Start Date: 9/5/2019
  • Job ID: 19-00547
  • Posting Date: 9/5/2019
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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In this newly created position, you will have the opportunity and authority to design and lead the applications portfolio redesign and be key player in the digitization and data first business strategy. The IT Applications Specialist has a passion for applications management to enable business initiatives. Has a solid technical background in data driven applications such as CRM, WMS, EDI, and Microsoft technologies. This role will actively manage and oversee the daily operations of core and ancillary systems in production. Spearhead the integration of enhancements and new systems with existing software vendors, ancillary systems vendors and business owners. Review efforts to maximize benefits and cost derived from systems functionality. Lastly, this individual would oversee and direct requests to develop automated processes through the use of vendor development data mining and business intelligence techniques as necessary. Provide technical insight, oversight, strategic context, direction and leadership to the teams involved. This role is also responsible for programs to ensure IT systems are reliable, available, scalable and secure.

  • Serve as the internal application lead in implementing new applications; work closely with users to ensure that implementations and related integration's meet the functional and business requirements.
  • Manage the development, QA, deployment, and infrastructure for an internal custom database and online customer application suite.
  • Support new user training and onboarding; create training documentation as appropriate.
  • Manage all aspects of business as it relates to IT applications systems, including upgrades, testing, and coordinating service outages with the out internal and external clients.
  • Oversee the provisioning, support, and training for end users with their workstations and all internal software applications.
  • Qualify internal software application needs through thorough process review with internal users; gather and document functional and business requirements.
  • Work closely with user groups to define and present the business case for new software capabilities to applications director and senior management.
  • Collaborate with impacted users to research and identify a short list of competing software products that most appropriately meet the defined and documented requirements.

  • 3+ years of progressive IT experience
  • Experience managing multiple business IT systems and applications with a focus on data applications and integration
  • Varied technical background to include such technologies as Oracle, SQL Server, WMS, PowerBI, Microsoft applications (Windows, SharePoint, SQL, Azure, O365), Crystal Reports, BI/DW/ETL, XML, etc.
  • Experience with EDI a plus
  • Demonstrated ability and technical expertise in identifying, evaluating, developing, and implementing business software systems and related process documentation that meet business requirements and are cost effective.
  • Experience with data analysis and relational databases
  • Solid understanding of application data structures and data integration
  • High-level knowledge of enterprise IT organizational, business, and technical environments.
  • Analytical, process, and operational skills to analyze complex issues and implement sensible solutions.
Posted by Matthew Lemay