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Senior Integration Engineer

  • Location: Rosedale, NY
  • Start Date: 8/8/2019
  • Job ID: 19-00501
  • Posting Date: 8/8/2019
  • Job Type: Direct Placement
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  • Creates, executes, and interprets results from simple to moderately complex ad hoc SQL queries.
  • Operate and maintain freight related applications and underlying data structures and data representations.
  • Communicate with internal business users and team members in both US and Asia as well as out-sourced vendors/consultants to complete projects or solve issues.
  • Operate and maintain operational reports, KPI reports and dashboards
  • Operate and maintain various integration data methods, such as csv, excel, JSON, xml, and/or EDI x12.
  • Perform requirements analysis, with detailed business process flow, data flow and detailed explanation.
  • Generate system design and data design (with ERD) and implement based of the design.
  • Identifies and recommends improvements to business processes, system and data flow designs and/or report design that provide values to the business growth.

Required Qualifications:
  • 5+ years of experience in report design and implementation, familiar with various reporting tools such as Crystal reports, Qlik sense, PowerBI or SSRS.
  • 5+ years of experience in database development with a deep knowledge of SQL script tuning, stored procedure and function scripting
  • 5+ years of experience with Microsoft SQL Server, with multiple years of experience with various database platforms is a plus.
  • 2+ years of experience in ETL design, implementation and maintenance, familiar with various ETL tools such as SSIS, Informatica or DataStage.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • 2+ years of experience with freight related systems is a plus
  • Familiar with CargoWise One platform, in terms of system administration, workflow, doc and report, and/or customization, is a plus
  • Experience with development using .NET C# and HTML is a plus

Education and Certificate:
  • Undergraduate degree in computer science, statistics or equivalent work experience
  • MCSA: Database Development certified
  • CargoWise One CCO, CCS, or CCP certified is a plus
Posted by Matthew Lemay