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Hybris Technical Lead

  • Location: Stamford, CT
  • Start Date: 2/6/2019
  • Job ID: 19-00075
  • Posting Date: 2/6/2019
  • Job Type:
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We are a global IS/IT team with operations strategically positioned in the locations of our different Nestle businesses across the U.S. We follow the sun as a shared service for the entire Nestle network and we're driven by agility to provide the most effective and efficient level of technical service. Together, we have operations in 191 countries, our systems and opportunities are excitingly complex. It is about thinking big.

As the Hybris Developer Technical Lead you will assist in leading Nestle Waters' direct-to-consumer business (B2C), with direct responsibilities over providing guidance in the architecture, design, development, testing, and deployment of the organization's multi-channel ecommerce platform.

This position will require you to have the technical knowledge and expertise required in order to provide training and guidance for both the organization's internal Hybris team as well as offshore and 3rd party resources responsible for the development and deployment of code into our production environment.

Additionally, the selected professional will conduct code reviews with our internal Hybris team to assure that any and all bugs are identified and resolved prior to code being pushed into production, and will serve as an advocate and proponent of "best practices such as Agile / Scrum, test driven development, continuous integration and delivery, service oriented architecture, among others with the intent of assuring only the highest quality of code is being delivered within an iterative development landscape.

Primary Responsibilities:
" Utilize their in depth understanding of ecommerce platform architecture in order to provide insights and guidance to internal and external stakeholders specifically related to how the Hybris solution can be leveraged to meet business requirements.
" Provide mentorship and guidance for internal technical teams spanning multiple operating companies on how best to leverage the SAP Hybris platform.
" Provide architectural guidance for all resources involved in the development of the organization's multi-channel SAP Hybris solution, with a specific focus in debugging Java code, 3rd party application integration, service oriented architecture, data migration, among other areas.
" Put in place standards related to debugging, code reuse, source code management, code management strategies, release management, among others throughout the entire development lifecycle.
" Build relationships and share development best practices with 3rd party vendors (onshore / offshore) whom are currently assisting the organization in the development and deployment of the SAP Hybris ecommerce platform with the intent of assuring only the highest quality of code will be deployed by their teams.

Technical Proficiencies:
" Expertise in the architecture, design, development, and deployment of mult-channel B2B and B2C SAP Hybris 5.7 and above solutions using Java EE (5/6), J2EE, Spring MVC (Dependency Injections, IoC, Annotations, Beans, Configuration), JUnit, MySQL, Solr, Tomcat, AJAX, RESTful services, JSON, XML, Git, Jira, Confluence, Hybris Management Console (HMC), the Hybris Administration Console (HAC), SAP Hybris Promotion Engine, ImpEX, Hybris Data Hub, Backoffice / PCM, WCMS, Accelerators, among others.
" Previous expertise in working in a hands on development capacity with specific strengths in Java EE (5/6) and Spring MVC. Additionally, a strong understanding of proper coding conventions, testing best practices, debugging, and code deployment / release management strategies.
" Previous experience in the architecture, development, and deployment of robust eCommerce solutions which utilize RDBMS solutions such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.
" A proven track record of delivering highly complex, global Multi-Channel SAP Hybris solutions requiring a focus in Hybris Core Architecture, Cockpit Architecture, Data Hub Architecture (Data Exchange, Integration, Migration, etc), and 3rd party backend integration.
" Strong understanding and advocacy of architecture and development "best practices including, but not limited to Agile / Scrum, test driven development (TDD), Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI / CD), Development Operations (DevOps), service oriented architecture (SOA), among others.

" Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, marketing or other related field required.
Experience (Years/Type):
" 5+ years of experience in the development of complex Java EE / Spring based applications required.
" Recent experience in applying said knowledge to put in place development "best practices , conduct code reviews and debugging sessions, among other responsibilities related to the architecture of global multi-channel SAP Hybris solutions. to debug complex SAP Hybris solutions
" 1 - 2 years of experience leading teams in the architecture and deployment of multi-channel, global SAP Hybris solutions. Previous experience in the end to end implementation of fully encompassing SAP Hybris solutions required.
Posted by Aaron Goldblatt
Technical Resource Manager
(800) 821-4644 x