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IT Project Manager Consultant

  • Location: Allentown, PA
  • Start Date: 1/11/2019
  • Job ID: 19-00025
  • Posting Date: 1/11/2019
  • Job Type: Contract
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Skills / Experience:
IT Project Manager who has background in utilities and NERC CIP area. Regulatory project driven by NERC CIP requirements. Very strong PM, high visibility in NERC CIP and with senior level leadership. Able to work on other things when bandwidth permits, this project might not take up 100% of time applications and infrastructure projects.
1) Being able to communicate with highest level of leadership business and IT, can run steering committee
2) Ability to translate technical ideas in cyber security area into business layman's terms to explain to leadership
3) General IT PM skills and experience in IT
Posted by Geoff Sarro