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PeopleSoft/Oracle HCM Implementation Specialist

  • Location: Allentown, PA
  • Start Date: 1/11/2019
  • Job ID: 19-00024
  • Posting Date: 1/11/2019
  • Job Type: Contract
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Skills / Experience:
All candidates must be eligible for employment by without a requirement of sponsorship.
Required skills and skill levels:
This position will require candidates to know both PeopleSoft and Oracle HCM and to support a transition from PeopleSoft to HCM. Prior experience in transitioning from PeopleSoft to HCM would be a big benefit.
8/10 verbal/written communication & facilitation skills. Must be able to help business counterparts in finding optimal solutions.
7/10 assertive leadership, Agile software development methodology experience
6/10 with either Oracle or SQL Server databases. Must have a solid understanding of SQL tuning, indexing & query costs.
5+ years of experience with PeopleSoft HR
3+ years of experience with Oracle HCM
The role will require extracting lots of data and loading lots of data from system to system. Experience in both PeopleSoft/HRPR and Oracle HCM is highly preferred. It will also be helpful to understand how systems are configured - has an implementation partner but this experience will help in understanding where to load the data.
Posted by Brian Long
Technical Recruiting Manager
(800) 821-4644 x