Why is Everyone Quitting, and What Can I Do About It?



“The nation’s ‘quit rate’ reached a 20-year-high last November.” — Pew Research Center 


Pew Research Center conducted a new survey analyzing the country’s Great Resignation and reasons for employees quitting their jobs in 2021. According to their recent survey, the top 10 reasons employees are leaving are:


  • Low pay
  • Lack of opportunities for advancement
  • Feeling disrespected at work 
  • Child care issues 
  • Not enough flexibility to choose when to put in hours 
  • The benefits weren’t good 
  • They wanted to relocate
  • Working too many hours
  • Working too few hours
  • The employer required the COVID-19 vaccine


So, what can you do to prevent your employees from quitting? 


Start with the work environment.


The workplace is somewhere employees spend a majority of their time every day. It should be a comfortable space that also enables productivity and camaraderie; not a place everyone dreads so much they quit. Each individual is valuable and contributes to the overall success of the organization, so each person should be treated as so. Fairly and with the utmost respect. The work environment should also provide resources and support to employees who need them. 


Instill a sense of worth and achievement.


With better company culture comes greater employee retention. Make your team feel part of something important by allowing friendly rivalry and leadership opportunities. Have your team set quarterly goals and recognize individuals for hitting their targets. Rewards can range from celebrations, bonuses, or commissions; all of which nourish a mindset of growth and advancement.


Compensate fairly.


Pew Research Center’s found that low pay is the number one reason employees quit. Find your balance between competitive compensation and benefits that work for your business. Work-from-home flexibility and generous PTO are also appealing to employees. When you compensate your workers fairly, it shows in retention and longevity. If you require help determining an appropriate salary, check out our free salary analysis tool. 


As scary as the Great Resignation sounds, there are ways to prevent employees from quitting. Provide a comfortable setting for employees to thrive, and compensate them fairly, so they don’t seek a new job. If you are still finding it difficult to retain talent, consult a staffing expert. From loyalty and trust, EDI Staffing has almost three decades of experience providing top-notch talent to clients year after year. Let us help you – Schedule a no-strings-attached conversation today.


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