Are Your Employees Stressed?



Causes of Stress at Work

Many factors can cause stress in the workplace. According to The American Psychological Association (APA), some common sources of work-related stress are things like low salaries, heavy workloads, limited advancement, lack of challenge, low social support, limited control over decisions, and unclear expectations. Stressed employees are contagious, infecting everyone they come across. As a manager, one of your obligations is to ensure a work environment suitable for success. For your business and the people within it to thrive, you need to understand the ins and outs of your team’s stressors.


Signs of Stress at Work


There are a few telling signs when your employees are feeling the pressure. As a top manager, keep an eye out for signs that are unique to your workers. The APA lists a few common symptoms of stress shown by employees: lack of motivation, difficulty focusing, lack of effort, and feeling fed up. These symptoms could negatively influence other employees, productivity, turnover, and employee overall health. Signs might be blatant, subtle, or go unnoticeable. So, it’s important to identify when something is off with your team. 


Ways to Handle Stressed Employees


Stress in the workplace is not uncommon. Get to know your team. Once you notice the signs, it’s important to address them, as it could affect the productivity of your business. Stress can be brought into the office by outside events, but also be provoked within the office setting. Here’s a list of ideas for coping with work-related stress:


  • Set clear expectations
  • Recognize and reward
  • Have open communication
  • Let employees rest and recharge
  • Team buildings activities
  • Friendly competition and incentives
  • Be supportive
  • Instill purpose and ownership
  • Channel stress into productivity
  • Promote work-life balance
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Teach relaxation techniques
  • Little things like coffee and donuts
  • Stay professional and organized



It’s tough noticing when your workers aren’t feeling their 100%. Your team may benefit from little gestures, but sometimes it could be a greater issue. By understanding signs of stress and circumstances causing them to feel this way, you can approach the situation in a calm and considerate manner for the sake of individual employees and the rest of your team. Above all else, remain professional, stay positive, and be a motivating leader – you got this! 


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