TOP 10 Skills Recruiters Demand



When applying for a job, there are many skills that you can list on your cover letter or resume. However, the top ten skills that recruiters look for are the most important ones. Hone these demanded skills and increase your chances of catching the eye of recruiters and jump up that employment ladder.


Here are 10 top skills that recruiters demand:


1. Written & Verbal Communication – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again– communication is key. Employers look for clear communication. It demonstrates your understanding and prevents time from being wasted. In short, communicate with others the way you would like to be communicated to. 


2. Leadership – Any hiring manager would be happy to bring aboard a natural leader. Individuals with this trait carry a sense of compassion that encourages a transparent and high-performing team. This competency is important to have in order to grow strong relationships and achieve motivation in the workplace.


3. Willingness & Ability to Learn – Do you like learning something new every day? A craving for knowledge and new abilities will help you stay motivated and entertained on the job. It may even prompt you to master or sharpen the skills you already have. Recruiters want the best-tuned expertise not only for their company but for your contentment too. 


4. Organization – Being able to prioritize tasks and manage your time wisely is essential. Honing this skill promotes optimal productivity, efficiency, and can even prevent potential stress. 


5. Confidence – Having confidence in yourself allows others to have confidence in your abilities as well. Hiring managers desire this quality in candidates because it relieves uncertainty and drives teams to work at their full potential. Having confidence can also be comforting during decision making and make communication more persuasive. 


6. Job-Specific Skills – Balance your soft skills with hard skills. For instance, if you are seeking an IT position, you might want to have a willingness to learn as well as a strong understanding of a particular computer software or program that is specific to the job you are seeking.


7. Critical Thinking – In order to solve problems at any level, one needs to be able to think critically about the entire situation as well as understand how the stakeholders are being affected by the decision. You can show that you have his capability by asking informed questions, doing your research, and analyzing solutions. 


8. Adaptability – Embrace change. After all, you are most likely applying for a new job, at a different company, with its own unique work culture that you might not be familiar with. Being resilient and accepting ambiguity makes it easier for both you and the company hiring. 


9. Technology Knowledge – Between communication, research, storing, and presenting information, having at least a basic knowledge of how to use common technology is critical to operating in any industry. Some fundamentals include experience with email, spreadsheets, docs, search engines, and basic computer hardware. 


10. Something Unique – Set yourself apart from the others. Go beyond the average skill competencies and shine a light on your uniqueness to company decision-makers. You might just make them remember you and realize a skill they didn’t know they needed. 


Of course, the skills that employers look for also depend on the position you are applying for. Having these ten skills secured under your belt will ensure that you have a sound foundation for any aspired position. If you are looking to hire new talent, contact EDI Staffing today to learn more about how we can match you with experienced candidates to meet your needs.

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