How to Make Your Resume Stand Out


Recruiters and Hiring Managers sift through dozens of resumes a day. Why should they stop and look at you? Here are 4 quick tips to help your resume stand out.



A quality resume is essential to your job search.  It’s important to stand out in the crowd, so putting the time in to make it great is worth it.  Most important is a clean look, proper use of grammar, “spell check”, and presenting your skills and experience methodically.


Be sure to include relevant key words such as technologies and skills. Employers and recruiters search for key words when trying to find a candidate so the more you have the more likely you will pop up when they are looking!  Don’t be afraid to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Sometimes all your resume will get is a quick glance and you want to be sure it stands out to a particular hiring manager. As an example, if you are applying for an EDI Analyst position, you may want to include transaction numbers such as 810, 850, 860, 855, and 856 that you are familiar with.

Be Organized.

Putting in a clear work history is very important. Not overloading with irrelevant details is equally important as clutter gets lost in translation.  Read your resume out-loud to yourself to hear what it sounds like, download, upload, and print to ensure it is compatible.  Being fancy is a great quality but when it comes to a resume, try and be clean, precise and limit to two pages. Your experience and organizational skills will stand out to the reader.

Tell Your Story.

Use a professional profile to explain very clearly what value you will bring the employer and their organization. The summary section is the perfect place to describe yourself and what you bring to the table. You’re branding yourself; this is your billboard to let them know you are accomplished and ready for a challenge.  Share your obstacles, actions and results that show’s you were successful in achieving the desired outcome. Including achievements in your resume such as goals you met or surpassed, revenue brought in, dollars saved or team accomplishments is key and helps an employer determine if you would be a good fit.

Lastly always include things you are passionate about.  Whether it is volunteering, ice climbing or saving the whales your audience will always make note of it.  Be creative, be you… good luck!

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