Is Hiring a Consultant Right For You?


Contract work comes in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the complexity of your needs, you may need an entire team of consultants or maybe you just need one expert. First, you need to decide if hiring a consultant is right for your business. In some cases, companies are looking for a permanent resource when they’d be perfectly fine(and better off) with contract work. Hiring a consultant allows you much more flexibility than on-boarding someone for the long run.

Not sure if it’s for you? Here are 3 ways you’ll benefit from hiring a consultant:

Save Money

The cost of on-boarding a new employee can be high; take just the cost and time of training the employee and the cost of benefits alone. Staffing firms assume statutory burdens such as state mandated paid sick time and other administrative costs.  If you have a stable full-time staff that you can rely on, but just need help with a project, you most likely don’t need an additional full-time employee. shutterstock_161909402Even if you are set on a permanent employee, contract still might be the best route considering you can “try before you buy”.

“During the contract period, an employer can get a good feel for the person’s work habits, communication skills, attention to detail, as well as their technical aptitude. When and if the time comes to convert the temp to an employee, you can reasonably expect you have made the right decision.” – Aron Gilbody, National Account Manager


Bringing in a consultant also will help your team grow. The knowledge your team gains by working with a subject matter expert is priceless.

Contractors frequently possess skills internal resources may not possess. – Wayne Marshall, Vice President, Professional Services 

Save Time

By hiring a consultant who is an “expert” in a specific field, you’re saving enormous amounts of time. The consultant can come in (or work remote), ready to work, and not need a lot of the mundane training’s that are given to permanent employees. Staffing firms generally have trusted “go to” resources who have worked for them before to clients’ satisfaction. Also, if you’re seeking immediate attention for a project, It’s much quicker to get someone started when you hire a consultant. For example, if you needed BizTalk help, we have a pool of expert consultants ready to deploy. In the time it takes to get a permanent employee set up, your project could almost be finished. A consultant comes in and has a job to do, where as a permanent employee has many other focuses.

“It is typically easier and a much faster process to hire a consultant vs. perm.”-Barbara Feldman, National Account Manager


Unlike bringing on a permanent resource, contract work allows you to hire on a project by project basis. The needs of your business are constantly changing; one day you might need a map developer and another you might need help with product migration. If your industry is like all others, it ebbs and flows. Contractors can be onboarded and removed as needed during projects or periods of peak and low activity. Hiring an expert to come in for these projects as needed allows you to be flexible in your business needs and budget.

Whether it be contract or permanent, we make it easy to find your next employee.


About Gabriella Calise

Gabriella began her career at EDI Staffing in 2014 as the Manager of Marketing and Client Services where she used her passion for social media and technology to connect top IT talent with our client partners. In 2016 Gabriella became the Executive Vice President of EDI Staffing, where she works closely with the President/CEO to find new and inventive ways to assist our clients and candidates. Gabriella oversees the day to day functions of the staff and continues to head our marketing and outreach efforts.

Outside of EDI Staffing, Gabriella teaches Saxophone and Clarinet privately. She enjoys exploring new places and spending time with her family and friends.

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