Stop Saying These 5 Things at Work


There are obvious phrases to avoid saying at work. For example, blurting out ” I hate my job” in the office is on top of that list… However, there are some phrases and words that employees say on a daily basis without realizing they are putting off others around them.  Here are 5 words/phrases, that in my opinion, should be avoided at your place of work.



Step out of your comfort zone; If it means saying ‘yes’ to an outside of work activity or helping someone you normally wouldn’t, it will help you grow in more ways than one. Stop saying “no” or “I can’t”, when you actually can. Being more open minded will in turn open up opportunities. Also, if you’re saying ‘no’ to every request, people will stop asking. You’ll never know what you might be missing out on.


Alternatively, if you’re that person that says ‘yes’ to everything, start to learn your limits. While it’s important to help others and participate in various activities, there comes a point when a person just can’t take on anymore. Just remember, it’s okay to say no once in a while. Especially if your work or personal life starts to suffer. There’s nothing worse than a drained employee.

“That’s not in my job description…”

OR “Not my job”… Often times, coworkers are called upon to assist others in ways that may not fall within their job description. Those that do so with ease and a smile will find that they learned something new, gained some brownie points with the boss and some good karma to file away for another time. Those that complain; talk about how busy they are; and discuss how the task is “not in their job description”, are not only looked upon poorly, but will probably not be considered when it comes time for promotions. We live in a world full of busy people. Chances are, if you’ve said “that’s not in my job description” you’re disregarding that everyone else is busy around you. You’re basically saying that your busyness is more significant, and that’s just outright disrespectful. Being a team player is crucial. Regardless of your job description, acting as a team should go without saying. Just because it’s not in your job description it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. And while we’re at it, let’s drop the whole ” I don’t get paid enough” bit as well.

“Well, we used to do it this way..”

First off, saying “We used to do it this way” doesn’t need to be said at all. If someone is suggesting something new, they’re probably familiar with the old way as well. By suggesting the “old way”, you’re leading others to believe that you are not willing to try something new. If you are not open to change or new approaches, you could be holding your department back. Just because you’ve been doing something one way for the past 5 years, it doesn’t make it the right way. If someone is presenting a new way of doing things, there is most likely room for improvement in that method. You’re also disrespecting the person presenting the idea by saying you’d rather use a method that is different from what they are suggesting. Instead of just outright discounting the proposal, ask how it would work. Discuss the options and you just might find that it will be beneficial to you.


We’re all guilty of this. We need to break the habit of saying sorry when we’re not; especially when the other person isn’t expecting an apology from you. Often times employees will apologize when they haven’t done anything wrong at all. “Sorry, this will only be a minute” or “Sorry for taking your time” gives the impression that your time is not valuable, when it is.


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