How the World Cup Applies to Your Job Search


What’s your ultimate job search goal?

Whether you are in the career of your dreams or seeking a new job, we can all relate to “pass, shoot, miss”.  You’ve passed on one opportunity, gone for another, and found out they went with a different candidate. In some instances, you shoot and you’re lucky enough to get it in the net… goal! The World Cup has inspired us to relate the sport to your everyday job search.


Fight to win: The goal of your job search is to end up the “winner”. Obviously, at the end of the cup, there can be only one team that wins. Numerous applicants will apply for the same job, but only one will come out the champion.  As we watch teams dwindle off, it can remind you of the various interview stages.  From the phone interview, to semifinals, it’s a constant competition.  Undoubtedly, it’s the team or applicant that works the hardest that will become the winner.


Time Consuming:  It can take a team years to qualify for the cup, and once you qualify, it’s a lot of hard work until the end.    As a professional, it also could take you years to build the perfect resume.  When you finally have built yourself up for the interview, you have to wait, again.  Waiting to hear if you “got the job” is arguably one of the most antagonizing events.   Those in the cup will exhaust themselves for over a month, but the hard work certainly pays off when you become the winner! Those who do not come out the winner, might feel like they wasted their time. As an applicant, you need to know that the interview process is an experience in itself. That feedback will help better you as a professional and prepare you for the next opportunity (or world cup!).


Number one fan:   If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect your new employer to? You may have friends, family and coworkers rooting for you, but the only one who can land the job, is you.


Networking: The World Cup is a diverse game, and so is your job search. You never know where your next opportunity may lie. Branching outside of your comfort zone to consider opportunities with companies you may not have heard of (or even consider the competition) can be scary, but well worth it. – Adam Barron, Technical Resource Manager, EDI Staffing 



Best wishes to each of the teams left in the World Cup, and good luck to those of you seeking a new job.



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